Yorck Bridges Berlin: Where Graffiti Go To Die


Graffiti´s nature is an interruption of an existing system. An additional code outside the established frame inserted into the built environment. Through challenging authority and provoking change Graffiti is in a strong relation to utopia – even if the depiction of Graffiti as the “dirt” of the healthy city is dystopian.

It is not a coincidence that many of the most graffitied parts of cities – like Brooklyn in NYC or Kreuzberg in Berlin – are among the most desired, expensive and gentrified areas today. The early splashes of colour, the Dystopia of the past, turned into a bright vision of future.

Yorck bridges in Berlin are a perfect spot of this inherently ephemeral art. Here one day, gone the next. And even if Graffiti is a practice which goes against the norms of society and causes “interruption”, Yorck bridges show a transition of Graffiti from provoking to decorational.

The rail bridges are heritage protected and must be preserved within the enormous construction activities which are happening all around them right now. The old iron structures retain the urban vintage look and feel, which is a selling point for the future blocks of high-priced family condos. And the remaining Graffiti adapt. They are the fake rust on the weathered surfaces.











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