PATWO´s interest for graffiti began already as a child in the post-war Sarajevo.
At the beginning of 1999 several graffiti artists from the Netherlands and Belgium were on a road trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina and painted walls which still had visible traces of  war. One of these walls was near his house, where he spent entire days watching the guys paint. This was the initiating trigger, which essentially brought everything to rolling.
Since about 15 years after meeting SMER and REK1, his work transformed into a  much more serious form and numerous pieces were created under the crew tag STF crew / Save The Future. Today they work in this group formation and paint walls wherever possible.
PATWO was also representing Bosnia at the Biennale 2003 in Athens, “Don’t forget Srebrenica” 2003 and painted a house for children with cancer in 2015.
“Free Your Mind” Mural created in collaboration with Dream83 and Bugz36.