Our mission is to provide opportunities, spaces and programmatic features for urban contemporary artists to create and showcase their work and at the same time to stimulate the (further) development of our urban environment – both in terms of sustainability in urban development as well as in sociological research and cultural aspects. We work at the interface of creative artistic expression and creative urban planning, stimulating a meaningful exchange and realizing the work of art on site.


The integration of local art scene and communities, residents and city administrations into activities in public space is the foundation of all our projects. Sustainable urban development is not a retroactive process, but must be planned ahead and realized as participatory effort in urban space. Art in public environment is one of the most effective tools of sustainable city planning and we contribute with a sensible curations of works of art as well as with the execution of professional on-ground productions.


It seems as if everyone is talking about building walls. The recent developments in the world, calling for various built and ideological walls, have unfortunately already almost established themselves as mainstream – a fact which can´t be ignored. Our intention is to react to the idea of ​​isolation from the artistic and cultural point of view and to generate activities which offer perspectives and solutions for cross-border thinking and for sustainable treatments of urban environments in which we live in. Street art is the ultimate tool in the cultural profiling of cities and it´s the most effective way for a direct dialogue between the artist and the audience.



According to the original idea of urban art we engage and work with all different members of street art communities in order to find new formats of performances, exhibitions and ways of showcasing the works of art to the audience. “Street” as exhibition space is providing endless possibilities to insert art in the collective memory and the experiences of being a part of the city. Cities such as Berlin and New York are the epicenters of this (sub)culture and this form of art has already established itself as a global movement that carries both in it´s DNA: local roots and transnational importance.

Today all cities are interconnected with each other and do not act as individual places of activities. Community based concepts such as shared economies, open source information and crowdfunding (just to name few) are already part of our urban realities and will become the urban infrastructure of tomorrow. 54 per cent of the world’s population already lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050. Projections show that urbanization combined with the overall growth of the world’s population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban populations by 2050, with close to 90 percent of the increase concentrated in Asia and Africa, according to the new United

Nations report launched in 2014. In regards to this development, the question all actors of urban development are working on is: what is the “good” city of tomorrow?
ArtUp! aims to promote local talents by working with them in their cities and to create possibilities for cultural cross-exchange through travels and artists-in-residence projects all around the world.
The aim is to dismantle the walls: the real ones by transforming them into urban canvases and the imaginary ones by supporting art as the best way of non-verbal communication between different people, cities and countries.


Cultural Manager

Born and raised in Yugoslavia, Denis studied at the Architectural Association London and worked for offices in London, Beirut and Berlin. After being awarded a bursary covering a half of his school expenses, Denis uses his habitual insomnia and co founds apples & pears design plateau – a London based marketing & branding agency in order to finance the other half. However, the little studio in the heart of Fitzrovia grows fast and successfully connects marketing projects for clients based in London, Paris, Berlin and Dubai. At this time Denis also starts experimenting with short films and digital art.

After being called back by his beloved stepmother Berlin, Denis found himself at Graft Architects – the Rock´n´Rollers within the German architecture scene. As a designer in charge of prime design & sustainability projects he developed a great number of flagship projects but also off-grid design schemes in Africa.

As a founding partner of Filmgeil Denis Leo Hegic and his partner Harald Geil produced a number of film projects, including a realization of a 90 min documentary film in 2014 and an ongoing development of a 90 minutes feature film. Denis Leo Hegic continued working as  cultural manager at the foundation “Berliner Leben” and the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin.

With the creation of ArtUp – a creative platform for emerging talents in art, design and city planning – Denis continues to produce cultural and art events at the points and spaces of contact between urban art and sustainable city planning.


“I don’t believe that the profession defines the career. On the contrary, I am firmly convinced that only curiosity, experience and hard work represent the motor of a long-term success.”

Denis Leo Hegic